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----- 2016 PUBLIC AUCTIONS -----
2nd March 6th July 2nd Nov
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----- 2015 PUBLIC AUCTIONS -----
March July Nov
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----- 2014 PUBLIC AUCTIONS -----
5th March 2nd July 5th Nov
Prices Realised Prices Realised Prices Realised

----- 2013 PUBLIC AUCTIONS -----
6th March 3rd July 6th Nov
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------- 2012 PUBLIC AUCTIONS -------
6th June 5th Sept. 5th Dec.
Prices Realised Prices Realised Prices Realised
Selection of 2012 prices achieved for our vendors
SBS Unique Kuwait Operations DCM Medal Group £52,000
WW2 -Boat Killer s DSO and bar Medal Group   £8,500
1944 Lincolns Brigadier s fine DSO Medal Group £11.000
Glider Pilot s Sicily, Yugoslavia, South of France DFM   £11,000
RAF Bomb Disposal Officer s George Cross Group   £58,000
Falkland s Task Force Commander's DSO Group   £21,000
General James Wallace Sleigh KC, Waterloo Group   £8,500
1st Bn Royal Irish Regiment att 2 Para Afghan MC   £25,000
Field Marshal Montgomery Archive   £8,500

------- 2011 PUBLIC AUCTIONS -------
2nd March 1st June 7th Sept. 7th Dec.
Prices Realised Prices Realised Prices Realised Prices Realised
Selection of 2011 prices achieved for our vendors
2 PARA MM, BEM, US Bronze Star Falklands group £100,000
IRA Ambush DFC RA helicopter pilot's group   £94,000
18th Century Native American Red Indian War Club £23.000
NZ Vietnam DCM group   £25,000
Napoleonic presentation naval sword & tray   £15,000
Korea Air OP''s Pilots DSO group   £15,500
Royal Irish Regiment Officer's Kosovo group   £16,000
RM/AAC AFC helicopter pilot's group   £13,000
RM Helicopter pilot's Falklands DFM group   £115,000

------- 2010 PUBLIC AUCTIONS -------
3rd March 2nd June 1st Sept. 1st Dec.
Prices Realised Prices Realised Prices Realised Prices Realised
Selection of 2010 prices achieved for our vendors
2nd Mercian Afghanistan 2007 Conspicuous Gallantry Cross £42,000
Glosters KIA Imjin River Medal Group   £5,400
1989 Falls Road  Queens Gallantry Medal Group £11.000
1916 RFC Air Gunners MM Group   £5,000
Bentley Colliery Mining Disaster George Cross group   £9,000
RMA Sudan, WW1, WW2 Long Service Group   £6,200
20th Light Dragoons Officers MGS group of three   £8,500
The Hugh King inspirational Cavalry Frame   £5,600
1918 RNAS/RAF 2 kills DFM and log book   £8,200

------- 2009 PUBLIC AUCTIONS -------
4th March 3rd June 2nd Sept. 2nd Dec.
Selection of 2009 prices achieved for our vendors
Outstanding Kuwait 1991 RAF George Medal Group £26,000
Historic RFC Retreat from Mons 1914 MC Group £10,400
LRDG Layforce Escaper's MBE,MC Group £16,000
Historic D-Day MM to the First Para dropped in Normandy £28,000
Emotive Fall of Hong Kong, Jap POW MM, BEM group £13,500
Polish Battle of Britain Fighter Aces DFM Group & Archive £31,000
Important Historic Zeebrugge 1918 CGM, DSM group £21,000
Sword presented to FitzRoy, Darwin's Captain of HMS Beagle £11,000



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------- 2013 POSTAL AUCTIONS -------
23rd January 25th September

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Bosleys World Record Prices

RM Helicopter pilot's Falklands DFM group £115,000
Helmet Plate. Dublin Met Mounted Police £9,200
Cap Badge. Canadian NWMP 1886 Officer's £4,978
£15,000 15th Hussars Shako £28,000 D-Day Para Military Medal £3,575 cloth formation sign

Some notable collections currently being sold
Hugh King Badge Collection
The John Gaylor collection   The Len Whittaker collection

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Bosleys are privileged to have been given a most prestigious honour by the British Antiques and Collectables Awards.
Despite tremendous competition from all the major national auction houses, provincial auction rooms and specialist sale rooms, the last award for best auction house (central England) was awarded to Bosleys. It was judged on quality of service, range and consistency of material and depth and breadth of knowledge.

10.30 START
We are again delighted to report that there is a steady flow of consignments for the July sale following on from March's highly successful sale with great interest caused by our new internet live bidding. We will offer another selection from the internationally renown Hugh King Badge Collection.
As usual a large amount of the items included are from the public, not just locally but from all around the Kingdom and from many countries around the globe. Space is limited so please contact the saleroom as soon as possible. A brief list of some lots consigned for this sale will follow shortly and be updated from time to time.

  • Selection of military badges inc large Scottish and Indian items
  • Selection of Georgian and Victorian buttons
  • Afghanistan DFC medal group
  • Further selection of German militaria
  • Military books
  • Military pictures
  • Small selection of swords
  • A tranche of Military uniforms including lot of General's inc. his gold CB medal group
  • FM Montgomery's archive last Part
  • Selection of helmets
    Suitable entries for NOV 2016 still invited
    24th NOVEMBER 2016
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    These popular postal auctions have been held regularly since 1994 offering collectors a fine array of guaranteed original badges including many rare examples never before photographed in any reference works.
    Every lot is professionally photographed in colour on a 1cm grid.

    If you have any scarcer items you feel might be included in one of these sales, please contact us without delay.
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    Catalogues also carry prices realised from the previous sale making them an indispensable price guide and source of reference

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    UK 60, Rest of World (Airmail) 65.
    Individual catalogues available at
    15 UK or 18 Rest of World.
    Both subscriptions and individual catalogues can be obtained through the secure Order Catalogue page.
    or by calling the saleroom during office hours on 01628 488188
    Now accepting suitable entries for the next postal auction

    On occasion, individuals, families and institutions may seek a completely confidential disposal or require funds more swiftly than a scheduled public auction can deliver.

    Bosleys have much experience in these confidential sales, usually for higher value items and in recent times have brokered the private sale of several important swords etc. and medal groups which have included the Victoria Cross, Conspicuous Gallantry Cross and George Cross, to the delight of both the seller and the buyer.

    Bosleys are very fortunate to have a large and varied number of clients who are constantly seeking fine material in most spheres of medals and military antiques.

    Should you feel this method of sale mght be more suitable for you, please contact Steven Bosley or Bernard Pass, in complete confidence, on 01628 488188.

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    AND FINALLY .....
    In response to requests by so many collectors, their wives, widows and families we would like to bring to your attention one of the services we offer our clients.
    To many collectors what will happen to their collection of medals or militaria after their death can be an overwhelming worry. Often surviving relatives have no concept of the true value of a collection, what to do with it or where to dispose of it.
    We are often asked to assist in the disposal of collections by a widow after a collector has passed away. It can be a very harrowing time especially if she has not played an active part in forming the collection and has little idea of it's extent or current value.
    We have heard truly dreadful accounts of so called friends suddenly appearing and offering to buy the collection, or individual items in it, at a fraction of the true value. So we urge you, the collector, to consider now what you would like to happen to your collection in the years to come and assist your partner by explaining the various options and ensuring they, or your solicitor, are aware of who to contact should anything happen to you.
    We offer a totally confidential and personal service and regularly handle the sale of collections, both at home and abroad, in a manner which realises the best return for our clients and their families.
    We are happy to offer advice on the matter which puts your mind at rest and ensures that your collection realises the full value for your spouse or children and can furnish a registration form as well as documentation to pass on to your family and solicitor. If you would like further details of this confidential service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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